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Remote-control parking? Yes

Wouldn’t it be nice if your vehicle just took care of every hassle for you, including parking itself? That’s exactly what the BMW’s deluxe 7 Series will do in its 2016 model.

While other manufacturers have demonstrated how this would work, BMW is the first to debut a car that parks itself — even when you’re not in it. (Self-parking is available in other models, but you have to actually be in the seat for it to work.)


Imagine pushing a button and watching your BMW squeeze itself into and out of a parking space while you’re not even behind the wheel. Very Jetsons-esque! So is something called gesture control, which is also being hyped up with the 7-series. It will let you wave your hands to control volume or answering phone calls. You’ll also be provided with steering assistance and lane-departure warnings, for added safety on the road.

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