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Preventative Maintenance

We Provide Preventative Maintenance

All Makes and Models of Vehicles

Check Monthly
Oil Level
Tire Pressure
Coolant and Fluids
Air Filters

Check Every 3 Months
Oil and Filter
Windshield Fluid
Battery and Steering Fluids
Brake Fluid
Transmission Fluid
Battery Cables

Check Every 6 Months
Wiper blades
Head Lamp and Brake lights
Spare Tire
Exhaust System
Shock Absorbers

In addition, we will make recommendations if something doesn’t sound right and answer any questions you have. We will let you know the cost and whether or not its practical to repair.

Interesting News……

Self Parking Cars are now a reality…

Wouldn’t it be nice if your vehicle just took care of every hassle for you, including parking itself? That’s exactly what the BMW’s deluxe 7 Series will do in its 2016 model.

While other manufacturers have demonstrated how this would work, BMW is the first to debut a car that parks itself — even when you’re not in it. (Self-parking is available in other models, but you have to actually be in the seat for it to work.)

Imagine pushing a button and watching your BMW squeeze itself into and out of a parking space while you’re not even behind the wheel. Very Jetsons-esque! So is something called gesture control, which is also being hyped up with the 7-series. It will let you wave your hands to control volume or answering phone calls. You’ll also be provided with steering assistance and lane-departure warnings, for added safety on the road.

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